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Breakfast Circle Online

Released On 23rd Apr 2020

 Welcome to the Breakfast Circle Online.

Today we welcomed 17 businesses to the first Breakfast Circle Online meeting held on Zoom.  This was set-up to continue to provide a valuable service to businesses in the area and to facilitate networking even in these extreme circumstances.

Here is a summary of what was discussed and the questions asked by the group.




Questions Covered in the meeting

  • My question to the group is what concerns do they have for their businesses as we eventually come out of lockdown. What are the biggest challenges we face and what can we do to prepare for it now?
    • No restart date makes it hard to plan
    • Motivation can be a factor in getting jobs done
    • Revisit your website and marketing materials and spend this time overhauling them to be ready.
    • Keep yourself insight – use platforms and social media to keep the awareness going.
    • Training and upskilling yourself and your teams
    • Look into how technology can help and spend time getting new systems up and ready to go
    • some advice on what you can do with your website in these time - blog article:
  • General question to everyone - How are you finding customer payment times and how are you helping - we are offering payment holiday periods.
    • The advice given was to continue to follow-up on payments due, but maybe be sensitive to payment terms if possible.
    • Keep communicating
    • Simon Taylor S.Taylor Financial Services most of my insurance providers, mortgages and pensions offer some sort of payment holiday provided its set up properly.
  • What tips do we have for staff at home or working from home?
    • Keep a routine
    • Exercise when possible
    • Be clear about tasks and supportive
    • Good systems and communications
  • What tips do we have for charities to continue fundraising?
    • Virtual races
    • Yeovil Ales are selling glasses online as the Beer Festival has been cancelled
    • St Margarets Hospice 07957 364 366: If you are interested in Helping St Margaret's Hospice from Home (financial or non-financial) contact Sadie on 07957 364 366
    • Marathons in gardens etc.
    • Climb a mountain up your stairs
  • Any advice on the information overload and how to sift through the rumours to reach the real answers?
    • Use only official sources (some are detailed below)
    • John Clark SSDC Econ Devt: The Somerset Coronavirus help number is 0300 790 6275
    • Contact for businesses queries in Coronavirus - 077 1350 1700 (mobile)

Contact Information and Other Resources shared in the Chat

  • Stokes Partners: We've put various articles on our website  dealing with furlough if that's helpful
  • Some eligible businesses have not applied for the |Coronavirus grants. You do not have to pay business rates to be eligible. Spread the word. John Clark, SSDC