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Management Development Programme - ILM Accredited 2020

This is a 12-month management development programme whereby your chosen Supervisor, Team Leader or Trainee Manager (or Rising Star!) gets invited to one group session per month and has support from our trainer and their fellow delegates in between sessions.

The same delegates attend each month for the duration of the 12-month programme. This will help instil confidence and provides an opportunity to learn from each other, gaining knowledge of different businesses and industries. Delegates form a strong ‘cohort’ and support each other through this growth period. The cohort size is limited to 12 delegates to support the learning experience and ensure everyone is actively involved at each monthly session.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your Supervisors, Team Leaders and Trainee Managers into your leaders of the future.

This exciting programme covers the following 12 topics to help your rising stars grow and develop: - Introduction to Management, - Effective Working Relationships, - Management Behaviours, - Managing Performance, - Recruitment and Selection, - Change Management, - Leadership Skills, - Equality and Diversity, - Essentials of Employment Law, - Effective Meetings, - Presentation Skills, - Business/Department Planning.

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Rebecca Bevins HR Consultancy
24 Garrett Road
United Kingdom
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Start Date:
24th Sep 2020 at 09:30
End Date:
24th Sep 2021 at 16:00
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Management Development Programme - ILM Accredited 2020